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What Do the Critics Say?

“This novel by Ruhama Veltfort touches on some very painful and hidden matters in a very powerful and imaginative way. The real surprise is the novelists ability to use language and imagery to draw us in. There is, in Strange Attractors, not merely or only a strong story line and characters who confound us, but ‘the touch of the poet’ in the very apt and unusual description. I have to say that as much as I enjoyed Veltfort's last novel, this one is superior. It continues to pulse and move along stylistically toward a powerful illumination in its conclusion where the earlier work was in its nature more episodic and did not reveal so much of the depth of human emotion. I give this work a 10!”

— Allen Tobias, New York Arts and Culture Critic for and author of Allen Ginsberg: The Triumph of His Early Years, A Critical Biography, 1926-1966

“That most child abuse takes place close to home is statistically undeniable. In abuse, however, 'deniable' is the key. Denial is what Ruhama Veltfort so successfully explores in pretty near her every character in Strange Attractors. Her other achievement is in showing how a paedophile is not solely a paedophile, but that his life can have many separate concerns. Neither exploitive nor a misery memoir, this is by far the best and most engaging book I've read on the subject.”

— Sam Smith, author The Care Vortex, Porlock Counterpoint, To Be Like John Clare, Problems & Polemics

“Strange Attractors tackles a difficult subject matter with delicacy and skill. Ruhama Veltfort’s prose is rich, absorbing and poetic. The novel is complex and intense, tracking multiple character developments smoothly with meticulous attention to detail. This is an important novel and highly recommended reading.”

— Magdalena Ball, author of Sleep Before Evening, Repulsion Thrust and Black Cow