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The Promised Land, a Novel. Ruhama Veltfort

Wordrunner Press, 2012
ISBN: 978-1477431344
312 pages, perfect bound
5.25 x 8 inches

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The Promised Land: A Novel, Ruhama Veltfort (covered wagon, mountains, Hebrew script in clouds)

Kindle edition, Wordrunner Press, 2011
ISBN: 1-931002-97-4

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The Promised Land is now available in paperback! New cover, same book as the original hardcover published by Milkweed Editions (1998), now out of print.  Also available on Kindle.

Ruhama Veltfort’s exhilerating debut novel delves into the nature of will and of faith, telling the story of a modern exodus that echoes the American quest for spiritual fulfillment. What begins as a search for a better life by a group of Jewish immigrants in the mid 1800s becomes the embodiment of the longing—physical, familiar, and spiritual—we all feel for a home.

Yitzhak, the renegade son of an Orthodox rabbi in the shtetls of Poland, flees to the New World with his young wife. Chana, to escape religious persecution and suspicion about his powerful charisma and fervent beliefs. Chana is a woman of quiet piety whose practical bent balances her husband’s loftiness. Together with a small group of followers, they encounter a land of extremes, from the mercantile splendor of golden-age St. Louis to a western wilderness of Indians, settlers, and religious zealots. Re-creating the shtetls of old Europe, the bustling cities of the American frontier, and the majesty and rigor of the pioneers’ trek west, The Promised Land movingly mingles the Old Testament story of Exodus with an epic of emigration, creating a rich story of one family’s tragedies and triumphs in the New World.

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