Thursday, March 19, 7:30-9:00 PM. Ruhama will be reading from her forthcoming novel Aftershocks at the Noe Valley branch library, 451 Jersey St. in San Francisco. See Friends of Noe Valley Word Week for details.

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Strange Attractors. A Novel. Ruhama Veltfort (swimmer in pool, shadow of a man watching)

Strange Attactors is now
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Praise for Strange Attractors:

“This novel by Ruhama Veltfort touches on some very painful and hidden matters in a very powerful and imaginative way. The real surprise is the novelists ability to use language and imagery to draw us in. There is, in Strange Attractors, not merely or only a strong story line and characters who confound us, but ‘the touch of the poet’ in the very apt and unusual description.”

— Allen Tobias, New York Arts and Culture Critic for

About the Book:
A mother yearning for security and happiness in a second marriage has no idea that her loving husband, a successful scientist working on climate change, is molesting the pre-teen girls on the swim team he coaches. Spencer’s feelings for “his girls” develop into an obsession as he is increasingly provoked by Karen’s son Sammy, a college student defending himself against a charge of date rape. Meanwhile, Karen’s older brother, a man either too spiritual or too scared for an intimate relationship of his own, finds that coming to Sammy’s aid forces him to leave his monkish isolation and find his place in the real world.